Comments by Doug Matthews
April 16, 2013

I would like to first thank Heber Taylor and The Daily News for its Sunday’s news coverage of Old Central’s Campaign Kickoff.

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I second want to thank the Board of Directors for approving this fundraising campaign and several new measurers. We are here today because of the original Old Central Board Members which represented a diverse makeup of this community, along with people like Dr. L.A. Morgan, our first Executive Director, Peter Brink, GHF Executive Director, Ed Protz who was with the Moody Foundation and local Architect Louis Oliver, just to name a few. It was a honor for me to have worked with these gentlemen in the mid 1970s in my capacity as grants director for the City of Galveston.

Old Central Cultural Center has been blessed with strong leadership which has included Dr. L.A. Morgan, Robert Hoskin, Gloria Haywood, Ennis Williams and our current leader is Pete Henley.

Find Out About Our
Fundraising Campaign

Our Fund Raising Campaign will allow us to:

  • Establish an Old Central Center Website and Face Book Page for announcements
  • Establish an annual general membership program with a fee of $35
  • Establish an annual membership meeting at Old Central Center
    Establish a bookstore and sell merchandise
  • Hire part-time staff to coordinate the membership, bookkeeping, newsletter, book store, rental of building and park, etc.;
  • Market and sale “Save Old Central Center” T-Shirts
  • Create a “Donor Appreciation Board” in the corridor of Old Central for donor names that give $1000 or more. Donations can be made in honor or in memory of family members or friends
  • Expand marketing of Old Central facilities in the Houston area
  • Enhance Old Central Center visibility during February Black History Month

Someone may ask what or how we plan to spend or use the money raised:
Currently our plan is to use the money as follows:

  • Building Maintenance/Renovation - $40,000
  • Marketing & Part-time staffing/Operations - $60,000
  • Reserve Fund/Endowment - $50,000

We anticipate with this new effort, more income will be generated and Old Central Center will be placed on a more sustainable financial path.

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